Hi, I'm Victoria Tamar, Founder of Privacy In Public.

Privacy In Public is a lifestyle brand of CBD herbal blends designed for everyday life; the product doesn’t require change, excessive spending or great commitment of time. Additionally, Privacy In Public diligently employs practices that ensure our CBD derived products are ethically sourced and tested by licensed suppliers with the finest hemp and herbs. I’m especially proud to support women owned GROWS!

I believe in fostering relationships with women owned businesses who share the same values and practice a collaborative culture.

Who we focus on!

My customers are people just like me. With our main focus set on individuals who endure the jarring effects of inflammation, pain, stress and anxiety, especially when these conditions are due to unforeseen events and multiple environmental conditions; we as a brand, strive to ease these issues by aligning with customers and providing exceptional experiences to those who seek sustainable wellness options through the curation of cannabis!

Coupled with recent changes in government on a federal level and many states working on comprehensive plans of action, reform and regulation; I have made it a priority to align with organizations and business’s over this time who are on the forefront of what is now celebrated as the end of cannabis prohibition. Because of my domain expertise and my own customer experiences with cannabis to assist in healing, I am uniquely qualified to help solve these problem for consumers.

(K.Y.C) Know your customer

Based on my own experience recovering from a car accident where I was struck at 60 mph by a drunk driver while parked, weathered the intense journey of being one of two caregivers to my mother while she arduously battled cancer, and reconciled with the unexpected passing of my younger brother at age 26 to a very rare and aggressive form of cancer known as Undifferentiated Thymic Carcinoma which claimed his life only 10 weeks after being diagnosed.Each of these situations, having all taken place within the span of 5 years, where taxing emotionally, financially, mentally and physically.

Thankfully, I found Hemp CBD cannabis to be a remarkably effective alternative to frequently prescribed pharmaceutical medications. Subsequent to this visceral discovery, I have been diligently working on establishing a strong foundation in the cannabis industry; sharing the beneficial attributes of CBD with the countless people who struggle with similar issues.







What's in a name?

The business name Privacy In Public, is a tongue-in-cheek way of reclaiming the narrative of what “Cannabis” is and why people use it.  I want to increase awareness and educate on the benefits of Hemp (CBD). Additionally, the name is a nod to my determination to claim my space as women of color in this booming new industry.

But how does one take on this paramount task?

It can be deduced, that a retail CBD location isn’t something that comes cheap, nor is it for the faint of heart. Start-up cost depend on the requirements of each individual state of operation. This is why Privacy In Public has adopted the micro retail and coop approach. We plan to monetize through licensing and exclusive relationships with our growers and suppliers. We are built to scale, have flexibility and are positioned for mass distribution.



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